Safe travels during Corona

Traveling during a pandemic can be tricky, but we got you covered. When traveling with us, we will make sure that your trip during Covid-19 is safe and stress-free – no matter the destination.

Get the right papers to your mailbox

No need to look up what documents you need to enter your destinations – we will send them to you via e-mail

Tests, Quarantine, or Certificates? We know.

Travel through Europe with confidence. With us, you know when tests, quarantine, and certificates are needed – for all the countries you visit

Updated local restriction info

Know what to expect from your trip with up-to-date information about local restrictions, such as status of bars, shops and restaurants

Arrive prepared with the right documents

We want you to have a stress-free trip. That means that you shouldn't have to worry about which documents are required for entry to your destinations. Traveling today can be complicated. Different countries have different rules regarding what forms you need to fill in upon arrival. When you travel with us, we send you all the necessary documents for every destination along your journey, so that you can feel safe.

Know what tests, certificates and quarantine are required

Traveling in Europe can seem tricky with different requirements for tests and certificates depending on where you are coming from. We have made it easy to know what is expected of you when arriving in a new country – based on your itinerary.

See local restrictions for your destination

Know what to expect at your destination, wherever you are going. We give you up-to-date information about local restrictions such as if bars and restaurants are open and face mask requirements. This way you can start planning your next adventure.

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