Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I buy my tickets?

Under current circumstances, we have chosen not to sell any new train tickets. This will be in effect until borders reopen and the trains are running as they should. If you’ve entered your email address when planning a trip, we will notify you as soon as you can get your tickets.

Do you collect data, and how do I remove the data about myself?

You can use All Aboard without providing us with any personal data. Information about your user behaviour (for example your search patterns, the response times for pages and how you make use of our services) will be stored anonymously to improve our service. Contact information such as name and email address used for signing up to the newsletter will be deleted whenever you choose to unsubscribe.

If I have any questions, how do I contact you?

Please contact us on

Who runs All Aboard?

We are a Stockholm based startup with an experienced team in design, strategy and tech. And this website is operated by us, All Aboard AB, registered in Stockholm, Sweden.


Why can’t I find a specific city when I’m searching?

We're continuously adding more places in our range of destinations and hopefully the city you're searching for will soon be available.

Why were no routes found?

In these times, the train ticket supply is very limited. This affects our ability to puzzle longer distances together and may result in fewer route recommendations.

Why do I have to choose number of nights?

To get a better overview of your train trip. Some people stop in a lot of different places and then it comes in handy to see it all on a timeline.

Why do you only show estimated prices?

Our price estimates are an approximate ticket cost based on a recommendation, when choosing specific tickets the price might change depending on your settings.

Why are you recommending stupid routes?

Well, we don't think they are. We want to show you different ways you can get to your chosen destination. Live a little.

I made a travel plan, but it disappeared. Where can I find it?

You find all your previous travel plans on the landing page. If you can't find them there you might solve it by staying in the same browser, change to non-incognito and/or keep your cookies.

What is Interrail?

An Interrail Pass is a type of paper ticket that allows for unlimited travel within a certain period of time. Interrail Passes are accepted on most trains in Europe and are used by youths as well as adults and seniors.

Why should I travel with Interrail?

In addition to the flexibility, it is often economically beneficial to make longer train journeys with Interrail. You buy an Interrail Pass once, and you pay a smaller amount per seat reservation on the distances you want to travel.

How do I choose Interrail instead of regular tickets?

When you’re planning your trip, we’re simultaneously searching Interrail prices in the background to see what’ll be most beneficial for your specific trip. Should it turn out that Interrail is cheaper, we’ll automatically switch to that. In the checkout you can then compare the options and choose the one that suits you best.


Why not just have 1st and 2nd class in the ticket options?

The train operators choose what they want to call their ticket options. It’s therefore important to read the description that follows to know if it is the right option for you. This is not ideal and we are working actively to standardize ticket options.

How are payments made?

Your payment is easily and securely managed by Stripe. Read their privacy policy on their website.

When will my tickets arrive?

E-tickets are either delivered immediately upon purchase or in connection with your departure. For paper tickets, the delivery time within Europe is 3-4 business days and it is your responsibility to ensure that there is ample time for delivery before your departure.

Why haven't I received an email with my tickets?

We’ll send all tickets to the email you entered in the checkout. If your departure is coming up and you still haven’t received any tickets, please contact us and we’ll help you.

How do I cancel a trip?

Your possibilities to rebook or cancel trips depend on a couple of different factors. Read our summary under Terms of purchase.


What happens if a train is delayed so that I’ll miss my connection?

The train operator is responsible for taking you to your final destination. However much we would love to be able to help you with this, your best option is to go to the nearest information booth at the train station and ask for help.