Play more golf for less – cut the green fee in half on up to 1100 golf courses in 16 different countries. Explore the best golf Europe has to offer. And how do you get there? By train of course .


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With Golfhäftet you can explore almost 1100 golf courses in 16 different European countries. With Golfhäftet in your hand, your green fee gets cut in half – so that you can play double as much.

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Favorite golf destinations

  1. Hamburg

  2. Aarhus

  3. Bremen

  4. Lille

  5. Osnabrück

  6. Dijon

  7. Frankfurt

  8. Aalborg

  9. Amiens


Featured trips

  1. Map of route Golfing through Germany

    Golfing through Germany

    A trip by Golfhäftet

    Explore the German golf scene on this one week trip that takes you through three different cities. Enjoy the beautiful nature of the GP Steinhuder Meer Golf Club. After some great swings, make sure to visit some of the great gardens that this city have to offer. A great nature experience! In Düsseldorf, visit Golf & Country Club Elfrather Mühle, one of the best golf courses in the area. After a day of golf, there is plenty of time to explore Düsseldorf Altstadt, the beautiful old town of the city. A great place for food and drinks! Our last stop on the journey is Frankfurt, where there is several golf clubs around, such as Golfplatz Altenstadt and Golfpark am Löwenhof. Enjoy these last rounds before heading back home for some well deserved rest.

  2. Map of route North Jylland Jives!

    North Jylland Jives!

    A trip by Golfhäftet

    Explore the best golf courses of north Jylland, Denmark! Aalborg is surrounded by several great golf clubs, such as Aalborg Golf Klub, only 10 km from the city center, or Nordvestjysk Golf Klub that has been featured in Peugeot's golf guide. Between the swings, there is plenty of time to enjoy delicious snacks in "the Lighthouse", Aalborg's own streetfood market. Or why not enjoy some surfing on the west coast? This trip was made by Golfhäftet. With a Golfhäftet pass, you only pay half the price for a green fee on almost 1100 different golf courses around Europe. Simply put, more golf for less!

  3. Map of route To Flanders and beyond!
    All Aboard

    To Flanders and beyond!

    A trip by All Aboard

    Enjoy all that Belgium has to offer in the hidden gem of Ghent! Beautiful medieval architecture, tasty waffles, and great beer – what more do you need? This train ride lets you explore four different countries on your way to your final destination.

  4. Map of route From Flanders to Southern Sweden

    From Flanders to Southern Sweden

    A trip by Susanne and Nicky

    A week meandering through smaller communities, taking us from the North Sea to the Baltic, including a couple of remarkable cities (Antwerp and Bremen) but also a number of smaller communities: Bruges, Leiden, Ribe, Odense and Ystad. In each case we have selected journeys with civilised middle-of-the day timings. None of the trains trips is that long, so there's plenty of time for sightseeing. This is very much the sort of trip which features in our book "Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide" (although this is one designed especially for All Aboard).