Easily book train tickets with All Aboard

How to easily plan and book train tickets

For a long time it was, and still can be, a pain to plan a train trip on your own. We know, 'cause we've tried ourselves. And that's exactly why we founded All Aboard.

Here we'll explain how All Aboard works and the reasons behind it. That it actually can be fun to plan and book a train adventure through Europe!

You don't have to be a pro

When you've decided where to go ( follow our guide ), it can feel like a nightmare when you start looking for train tickets. To find up-to-date timetables, compare multiple railway lines and try to match train journeys from different operators or countries together. A true hassle if you're not an expert.

When creating All Aboard, we interviewed people planning train trips. We identified the obstacles & pitfalls. The solution was to reduce the number of steps and optimize the process to fit the users' needs.

Therese Albertsson, Head of User Experience at All Aboard

When is the best time to start planning? Many train operators release their tickets 3 months in advance . That's why we recommend you start exploring where to go just before that, so you're ready to dig into the route details when tickets become available.

Planning made really easy

We've gone even further to make it super easy. We want it to feel like it is a travel expert and customer service agent, guiding your way forward.

  1. Simply search for your destination and get route recommendations based on expert trips.
  2. Choose if you want to take it slow (☝️ advisable if you got kids), take the night train (if available), or get to your destination as quickly as possible.
  3. Easily add more stops, adjust time and dates until you got the perfect timeline for you.

To top it up, all the different travel restrictions for the destinations on your route are presented in there too.

Save time

When you've got the optimal trip, it is time to book the tickets. Previously you had to do it separately, on each and every train operator's website. And be quick to snatch those sought-after tickets, before somebody else did.

In all, a very time-consuming task. And probably not how you want to spend your spare time.

We looked at several booking sites and found them quite confusing and plain. We really made an effort making All Aboard simple, for our customers to save time and also making sure it's nice and fun to use, as it should be.

Karl Sandgren, Design Lead at All Aboard

Book all train tickets in one place

We made it smooth to get an overview of all the tickets, in one place. Long gone are the days of 50 open browser tabs.

  1. We display available ticket types and price options . You pick and choose!
  2. Then you purchase all train tickets at the same time . On only one platform.

Apart from being easy and finally fun to book train tickets, it's safe. Naturally, the payment is secure and you can use all major credit cards. You can rest assured and sleep well at night.

Hope this made the booking process with All Aboard clear! So go 'n grab those train tickets .

Hope to see you out on the railway soon! Choo choo 🚂
/Therese & Karl