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Europe has the largest train system in the world. To tackle climate change and keep our mounts snowy, we need to start travel sustainably.


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Teaming up with All Aboard, we're here to help you to plan and book sustainable trips – so that they become as comfortable, affordable, and fun as possible.

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We help passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change.

🏔 Our Favorite Destinations

  1. St. Anton

  2. Bardonecchia

  3. Les Arcs

  4. Åre

  5. Verbier

  6. Chur

  7. Annecy


🏂 Stories from our Members

How to easily plan and book train tickets.

How to easily plan and book train tickets.

For a long time it was, and still can be, a pain to plan a train trip on your own. You had to know the train companies, where and how they operated. We know, 'cause we've tried ourselves. And that's exactly why we founded All Aboard.

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🌍 Longer Trips from our Community

  1. Map of route Slow trains through Italy
    All Aboard

    Slow trains through Italy

    A trip by All Aboard

    Just look at this one-week tour which has been designed for us by the editors of hidden europe, a publication which surely rates as Europe’s quirkiest travel mag. The All Aboard brief to hidden europe was simple: choose a clutch of fine mid-sized Italian cities, ideally ones which don’t have quite the crowds you find in Milan, Florence or Venice. They came up with Mantua, Siena, Assisi, Ferrara and Vicenza, so there’s a Renaissance theme to this Italian adventure which starts in Turin and ends in Bergamo. You may want to extend this tour by spending two or even three nights in some of these cities. Quite a bit of the rail travel is on local trains, so this really is a chance to put your slow travel principles into practice.

  2. Map of route Alpine Magic
    St. Anton
    Protect our Winters

    Alpine Magic

    A trip by Protect our Winters

    This is a trip made by Protect our Winters. Enjoy the beautiful Swiss Alps with this round trip from Copenhagen. This trip guarantees astonishing views, amazing powder, and great Swiss cuisine. In St Anton you can enjoy 350 kilometers of skiing slopes. This Tyrolean village shows you some ot the the best skiing Switzerland has to offer, whilst letting you explore the Tyrolean culture. Next stop is the charming town of CHur, a town surrounded by great skiing resorts. And if you ever need a break from all the skiing, the old town of Chur is as cute as they come. Make sure to enjoy warm beverage at the Martinsplatz in the middle of Altstadt. By taking the train to our favorite skiing destinations, we all contribute to preserving the winters and snowy conditions that makes the skiing posible. We at Protect our Winters believe that a carbon neutral future is the only way to go, and taking the train is a great step towards that goal. And as a bonus, you get to enjoy some amazing views!

  3. Map of route Glacier skiing in Saas-Fee ⛷

    Glacier skiing in Saas-Fee ⛷

    A trip by Kimmy

    A fast, yet comfortable, way to get to the Alps. Work day on the train, dinner in Hamburg and then fall asleep on the comfortable night train. Next morning you're gliding down the glacier in the pittoresk, high-altitude alp village of Saas-Fee.

  4. Map of route Breathtaking Italy

    Breathtaking Italy

    A trip by Sanna

    Dramatic nature, Italian alleys and endless photogenic environments as this journey takes you to Garda, Liguria and Tuscany on this olive oil-scented experience tour.

  5. Map of route Central Europe
    ETC Tåg

    Central Europe

    A trip by ETC Tåg

    Go to Budapest and back in only 7 days, with the bonus of passing through the main cities in the center of Europe 🤩

  6. Map of route Rome Express

    Rome Express

    A trip by The Sleeper

    Night train from Dover or Folkestone to Rome via Gare du Nord and sleeper from Gare de Lyon onward and later further to Naples. Sadly no longer running.

We Need to Rethink Travel

Extreme weather and warming winters are shortening your season. Transition to and from skiing resorts cause 80% of the resort's emissions. This has to change. And luckily – the solutions already exist.

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