Why and where to travel by train?

The easy answer is to explore more places. When it comes to train travel, going the fastest route between two destinations is not (always) the goal.

It is more about settling back into your seat and enjoy the experience, one station at a time. You get to explore more places, go off the beaten track and discover hidden gems . Simply put, when going by train it's the journey that is the goal - not the destination.

So relax and read along on the benefits of train travel.

Go by train – explore more

If you ask us, the main benefit of train compared to other transportation, is definitely that you can visit several places in only one trip . You get to tick off many boxes on the bucket list at once. And there's no final destination – take another way back to see something else.

You decide where to go

You got the opportunity to skip the major tourist destinations and a fixed A-B journey set by a travel company. It's really you who decide where to go, when it suits you.

Hidden Gems

That way you can explore unknown places or get directly into nature. It's a true opportunity to discover hidden gems, with fewer tourists. Especially good in pandemic times.

Sustainable tourism

And when going off the beaten track, you nurture smaller destinations to economically blossom. That way, you take part in reducing the major climate impact on the main tourist hot spots.

Great views all along the way

Last but not least, you get to see more than clouds or the back of a truck. You’ll experience the beauty of Europe from the front row. Sit back, relax and enjoy great views all along the way.

Where to travel by train then?

No worries, that’s exactly why we’re here to help you! At All Aboard we want to innovate the train travel industry. And make it super easy to get inspiration and decide where to go.

We discovered ourselves it was difficult to plan train trips. The solution we found, was to connect several train systems together and display all travel options to the user, in one place!

Carl, Development, All Aboard

We want to make it super easy for you to get inspired and find different routes through Europe. And you choose where to start, depending on where you are in your travel process:

👉 Get inspired & follow other travelers.

We got an entire page full of train journeys to get inspiration from. Follow in the footsteps of previous travelers. Copy & steal with pride!

Find inspiration

👉 Have an idea of where – but not how.

Start exploring our set routes based on expert insights. Adjust destinations and dates according to your preferences.

Explore routes

👉 You know where to go – need a nudge.

Dive directly into our trip planner. Add where to go and get route recommendations. You choose if to take it slow, go for the staff's choice or follow the expert.

Get recommendations

You're in safe hands. All Aboard is an authorized ticket retailer. We cover more than the 100 main train operators . To make sure you can explore most of Europe's corners, we can take you on over 37 000 unique route combinations to over 16000 destinations.

And when you've decided where to go, we'll show you how easy it is to plan & book your tickets. All in the place.

Simply start exploring! We got your back 💚

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