A step-by-step travel guide. Take the night train from Paris to Malmö

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Go by night train from Paris to Malmö and arrive rested after a good night's sleep. You will pass through Karlsruhe, Hamburg and Copenhagen before reaching your destination on this 2 days long train journey.

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Day 1

Paris France
Karlsruhe Germany

Have a late dinner in Karlsruhe before hopping on the night train.

Karlsruhe Germany
Hamburg Germany

Day 2


In Hamburg, get some takeaway breakfast for your next train ride.

Hamburg Germany
Copenhagen Denmark
Copenhagen Denmark
Malmö Sweden

Arrive at your final destination, Malmö.

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Leaving from Paris France
Going to Malmö Sweden

Alternative routes from Paris to Malmö

Expert's route

The optimal route with comfortable train changes and the best travel experience.

Expert's route

Day 1
From Paris France To Karlsruhe Germany
Duration 2h 31min
From Karlsruhe Germany To Hamburg Germany
Duration 5h
Hamburg Stay a night in Hamburg
Day 2
From Hamburg Germany Via one change To Copenhagen Denmark
Duration 5h
From Copenhagen Denmark To Malmö Sweden
Duration 39min
Malmö Arriving in Malmö

Good to know when traveling from Paris to Malmö

Travel insurance

International train journeys in Europe are covered by the CIV protection rules, a set of rules to make it easier to travel cross-boarder with train. Primarily providing compensation for lost baggage and a guarantee of onward transport.

You can find out if your journey is covered by CIV by checking the tickets. "CIV" should then be printed in a corner.


...there are many cases when these rules does not apply. Therefore All Aboard advise you to have a valid travel insurance before going on your trip. It's never a fun thing either to miss a connection or to loose your luggage, we know, therefore it's very useful to have an insurance where you're fully covered.

Can I charge my phone on the train?

Most long distance trains in Europe have power sockets available. In some cases, the number of power sockets may be limited in the 2nd class cars. In 1st class, however, it's most common that there are power sockets somewhere around each seat. If it's super important to you, the best way to really know is to google the name of the train (that can be found on your ticket) and you'll find out.

Wondering if there's free wifi available? Find more information here: Is there wifi on the train?

Special luggage allowance

A great thing with traveling by train is that there are no extra fees for bringing all you luggage. But a rule to have in mind is that the bags you bring on board should be able to be carried by one single person.

Usually there are luggage racks above the seats and more storage in dedicated places on the train. The standard dimensions of the luggage racks are 70 x 50 cm.

You can bring things like

  • Pushchairs and strollers
  • Folding bikes, scooters
  • Sports equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards)

Can I bring my bike?

There are some operators that allow you to bring your regular bike. Some trains do allow this off peak hours and you might need a separate reservation. Unfortunately we're not able to sell these at All Aboard, yet.