About All Aboard

Choosing to go by train has many advantages and our vision is to make it easy and fun to plan your next adventure.

The next generation of travel

Attitudes to traveling are changing, and more and more people want to go by train.

A train ride gives us the joy of slow travel. We can discover smaller cities along the way, meet with the locals, gaze over shifting landscapes, and have fun adventures along the way. It can also be a convenient, time-efficient use of your time, taking you straight to the heart of your destination.


Our CEO Anton plans to go by train from Stockholm to Teheran. Turns out to be a bit hard. It plants the seed - shouldn’t train travel be easier?

Early 2019

A group of friends and previous colleagues who share a love for train travel begin meeting to discuss what can be done.

Late 2019

The first version of All Aboard is launched, with initial interest from many and allowing for further development to launch 2.0 in 2020.

Everything we do starts with the user in mind

All Aboard is founded by Carl Törnqvist, Therese Albertsson, Karl Sandgren and Anton Trollbäck. Our founding team has a strong background in creating products, digital services, and experiences that are easy – and fun – to use.

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