Press release 7 June 2021

Flexible train travel with the Interrail Pass and the booking service All Aboard

Rail travellers can now compare regular train tickets with Interrail Passes for a planned journey, when Interrail teams up with the train booking website All Aboard. Passes will be fully refundable and exchangeable.

- Interrail or regular train tickets? We'll do the math for you! All Aboard - Go by train.

Many have experienced the complexity of booking longer European train trips. Travellers have to do research, find and buy the tickets on the various websites of the train operators, or get help from a travel agency. Along with that, the pandemic has increased the need for flexibility and refund.

To simplify the booking process, Eurail owner of the Interrail Passes, has launched a unique partnership with Swedish All Aboard, a new train booking website. Our goal is to spark the curiosity of travellers and discover the hidden gems of Europe by train.

That is why we chose to collaborate with All Aboard, since they are experts in rail travel ticketing and have high expertise in user-friendly digital innovations.

Yi Ding, Business and Growth Manager, Eurail

All Aboard offers route planning and regular train tickets for most countries in Europe. With Interrail Passes integrated into the booking service, travellers will be given the option that best suits their travel plans. For instance, recommending the user to buy an Interrail Pass, if the travelling days add up and if it saves costs. This saves the traveller both time and money.

When it becomes easier to book train trips, more people will discover how exciting it is to go by train, while reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

Anton Trollbäck, Co-founder of All Aboard

Staying competitive with airlines – fully digital & refundable

Eurail's digital mobile Interrail Passes will become available on All Aboard on the 7th of June. Once a Pass is booked, they can access it directly on their phone. At All Aboard, compared to other distributors, the Passes are fully refundable or exchangeable without any cost which allows for greater flexibility. Travellers can book a trip and leave whenever they want.

With the pandemic, airlines now offer increased flexibility, and train travel has to stay competitive with that. Trains are the future of travel, and for the climate goals to be achieved, it can’t lose any momentum.

Anton Trollbäck

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