Interrail’s 50th Anniversary

And that calls for a big celebration! Celebrate with us and get 50% off your Interrail Pass.

This campaign has ended.

What is Interrail?

Interrail is a train pass that lets you travel around Europe how much you want, for a fixed number of travel days.

Go anywhere in the 33 countries – visit the exciting cities (parties, museums, great wine and restaurants), the sunny beaches (we love Southern Europe), or the tallest mountains (just google Matterhorn!). Europe is yours to discover.

Tons of discounts and deals are also included. Cheaper hotels, ferries and much more.

Travel days?

This is a little tricky at first: You choose a number of travel days, days that you actually are on a train, within a longer time period. You can be out travelling for month but only visit a couple of places. Or, travel between a bunch of places during just a week. Choose a pass that works best for you.

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