A step-by-step travel guide. Take the train from Amsterdam to Budapest

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Traveling from Amsterdam to Budapest by train is a great experience. It’s a 2 days train journey with amazing scenery, passing through Berlin on the way.

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Day 1

    Amsterdam Netherlands
    Berlin Germany

    Day 2

      Berlin Germany
      Budapest Hungary

      Arrive at your final destination, Budapest .

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      Leaving from Amsterdam Netherlands
      Going to Budapest Hungary

      Good to know when traveling from Amsterdam to Budapest

      Do I have to book seat reservations?

      Regular train tickets

      Some trains require that you have a seat reservation. Seat reservations are included when mandatory with all regular tickets purchases made on All Aboard. If you wish to reserve seats when they are not included you can do so either at the train station or on the operator website.

      Seat reservation for Interrail

      Seat reservations are usually  not required  for local and regional trains. However, it is needed for most high-speed, international, and night trains. But make sure to book seats if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, traveling with kids or if it's high season. Unsure if you need a seat reservation?  Check your route here .

      Reservations for travelers with Interrail pass can be purchased at the train station, on the rail operator website, and on Interrail.eu .

      Some rail operators will ask for your "pass cover number". This is a code which used to come with the old paper passes. You can generate such a code using your Interrail mobile pass here .

      Onboard catering & food

      Most of the trains in Europe have restaurant cars open to all passengers, regardless of the fare. What is offered depends on the operator but also during what time you travel. They usually serve hot food, drinks and snacks available for all customers.

      Onboard catering during covid-19

      Many train operators don't have onboard catering due to the current situation. And face masks are required on many trains so if possible – eat and drink before you hop on the train.

      Travel insurance

      International train journeys in Europe are covered by the CIV protection rules, a set of rules to make it easier to travel cross-boarder with train. Primarily providing compensation for lost baggage and a guarantee of onward transport.

      You can find out if your journey is covered by CIV by checking the tickets. "CIV" should then be printed in a corner.


      ...there are many cases when these rules does not apply. Therefore All Aboard advise you to have a valid travel insurance before going on your trip. It's never a fun thing either to miss a connection or to loose your luggage, we know, therefore it's very useful to have an insurance where you're fully covered.


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