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Traveling from Paris to Naples by train is a great experience. It’s a 2 days train ride with amazing scenery, passing through Turin on the way.

  1. Day 1

    Paris France
    Turin Italy
  2. Turin

    Spend 1 night in Turin

    There are plenty of great hotel options close to the Turin train station. Check out to get the cheapest prices.

  3. Day 2

    Turin Italy
    Naples Italy
  4. Naples

    Arrive at your final destination, Naples.

    Check out to find affordable housing in the city centre of Naples.

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Leaving from Paris France
Going to Naples Italy

Good to know when traveling from Paris to Naples

Onboard catering & food

Most of the trains in Europe have restaurant cars open to all passengers, regardless of the fare. What is offered depends on the operator but also during what time you travel. They usually serve hot food, drinks and snacks available for all customers. Always bring a water bottle and some snacks in case of emergency.

Onboard catering during covid-19

Many train operators don't have onboard catering due to the current situation. All Aboard advise you not to consume any food and drinks that are not necessary. If possible - eat and drink when changing trains.

Can I charge my phone on the train?

Most long distance trains in Europe have power sockets available. In some cases, the number of power sockets may be limited in the 2nd class cars. In 1st class, however, it's most common that there are power sockets somewhere around each seat. If it's super important to you, the best way to really know is to google the name of the train (that can be found on your ticket) and you'll find out.

Wondering if there's free wifi available? Find more information here: Is there wifi on the train?

How do I receive my tickets?

Your and your fellow travellers' tickets are sent collected in an e-mail to the contact person entered in checkout. They're either delivered immediately upon purchase or in connection with your departure, but usually they'll arrive within 24 hours. This differs from operator to operator.

Before departure, it's wise to print all tickets on paper and pack in the bag. This is so that there'll never be any problems (with for example the internet connection) when it's time to show the tickets. For more useful tips on stuff to bring, see: The perfect way to pack your bag before a train trip.

Haven't received an email with tickets?

If you've received a booking confirmation email, everything should be in order. If your departure is coming up and you still haven’t received any tickets, please contact us at and we’ll help you.