A step-by-step travel guide. Take the train from Paris to Oslo

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The trip from Paris to Oslo by train is fantastic. You'll pass through Karlsruhe , Hamburg , Copenhagen and Gothenburg . It's a 3 days long train ride with beautiful scenery.

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Day 1

    Paris France
    Karlsruhe Germany
      Karlsruhe Germany
      Hamburg Germany

      Day 2

        Hamburg Germany
        Copenhagen Denmark
          Copenhagen Denmark
          Gothenburg Sweden

          Day 3

            Gothenburg Sweden
            Oslo Norway

            Arrive at your final destination, Oslo .

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            Leaving from Paris France
            Going to Oslo Norway

            Good to know when traveling from Paris to Oslo

            Do I have to book seat reservations?

            Regular train tickets

            Some trains require that you have a seat reservation. Seat reservations are included when mandatory with all regular tickets purchases made on All Aboard. If you wish to reserve seats when they are not included you can do so either at the train station or on the operator website.

            Seat reservation for Interrail

            Seat reservations are usually  not required  for local and regional trains. However, it is needed for most high-speed, international, and night trains. But make sure to book seats if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, traveling with kids or if it's high season. Unsure if you need a seat reservation?  Check your route here .

            Reservations for travelers with Interrail pass can be purchased at the train station, on the rail operator website, and on Interrail.eu .

            Some rail operators will ask for your "pass cover number". This is a code which used to come with the old paper passes. You can generate such a code using your Interrail mobile pass here .

            What happens if I miss my connecting train?

            Missed trains connections can happen, but no need to panic. If we plan our trips well, a potential delay is not that big of a problem. Here are a few things to think about:

            Before you travel

            • Plan trips that can handle a bit of delay. If you're switching trains, perhaps to jump on a night train, you should always have extra time so that you don't miss your connection if you're running late.
            • Consider getting additional travel insurance. If a train is canceled or you miss a connection, you might need to get new tickets if you're unlucky. Travel insurances can cover this extra cost.

            If you've missed your train

            International rail travel is protected by the CIV rules - which means you're usually allowed to travel on the next available train free of charge.

            • Always save your tickets. You might need them later.
            • Ask the ticket inspector to validate your tickets as evidence of the delay.
            • When arriving at the next station, ask the station staff what to do next.
            • If you need to buy new tickets, save all receipts so that you can later show them to your travel insurer when making a claim.

            Special luggage allowance

            A great thing with traveling by train is that there are no extra fees for bringing all you luggage. But a rule to have in mind is that the bags you bring on board should be able to be carried by one single person.

            Usually there are luggage racks above the seats and more storage in dedicated places on the train. The standard dimensions of the luggage racks are 70 x 50 cm.

            You can bring things like

            • Pushchairs and strollers
            • Folding bikes, scooters
            • Sports equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards)

            Can I bring my bike?

            There are some operators that allow you to bring your regular bike. Some trains do allow this off peak hours and you might need a separate reservation. Unfortunately we're not able to sell these at All Aboard, yet.