All Aboard - The basics

All Aboard is a digital travel agency for trains in Europe. We're selling tickets from Europe's biggest train operators in one single place, in one single purchase. But first and foremost we are helping you create perfectly planned train trips, from idea to destination.

Making it easy to explore, book & travel sustainably by train in Europe. And as a result it's getting easier to make climate aware decisions and start exploring the world with both feet on the ground.


  1. Selling train tickets from the major train operators in Europe
  2. Route suggestions on good ways to travel from A to B
  3. Get inspiration from other travelers on where to go

The story behind

Everyone that have been booking a long distance train trip in Europe knows that it takes a bit of time to do the research and then buy all tickets on separate websites. This is where All Aboard was born - we wanted to make it easier for everyone that ever considered going by train to actually do so.

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