Everything there is to know about your Interrail Pass.

General information

  • Ever since Interrail first launched the travel passes in 1972, passengers have had to bring a paper booklet to manually write down all departures on their journeys in order to get them validated by a ticket inspector. But a lot has happened in recent years and nowadays, all this can be done digitally and super simple through Interrail's app, Rail Planner.

    The new generation of Interrail passes are called Mobile Passes , and these are the ones sold on All Aboard. With the Interrail Global Pass, you can travel as much as you want with one single ticket through 33 different countries.

    Activate your Interrail Pass

    When it's time to travel, you will have to activate your Interrail Pass in the Rail Planner App (iOS, Android) to start planning your journey. This can be done up to 11 months after your purchase date. During your trip, the app is where you register your journey and from where you can show your ticket to the ticket inspectors.

    Seat reservations

    Seat reservations are usually not required for local and regional trains. However, it is needed for most high-speed, international, and night trains. But make sure to book seats if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, traveling with kids or if it's high season. Unsure if you need a seat reservation? Check your route here .

    Reservations may be made at the train station, on the rail company website, or in the Rail Planner App.

    Psst... Some say that traveling without a seat reservation is the beauty of Interrail. We'd say it's all up to you!

  • Interrail covers a big part of Europe and they are continuously adding more countries and train operators to their network. Most of the longer popular train journeys through Europe can be done with the Global Interrail Pass.

    Travel to these 33 countries with your Interrail Pass

    Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

    Pro tip: Let’s say you’re planning a longer trip where the largest part of the itinerary goes to/via a few of the countries from the list above, but not all – it will probably still be more economic to travel with an Interrail Pass, and buy separate tickets for the trips that aren’t covered.

  • To be allowed to travel with an Interrail pass, you must be a European citizen or permanent resident of Europe. More information about what’s required to be considered a permanent resident of Europe can be found on Interrail's support page .

    Not a European citizen?

    If you’re not a European citizen or permanent resident of Europe, you should look for a Eurail pass instead. The Eurail passes are sold at the same prices as Interrail passes and cover almost the same areas and train operators. These are not sold on All Aboard but are found here .

  • No, it's not. A common misconception is that Interrail Passes only are for young people, and even if that was the case back in the days it isn’t anymore.

    Although there are a few different tickets types

    • Adult Pass (Regular pass) – No age limitation
    • Child Pass – For unaccompanied travelers who are younger than 12 years old.
    • Youth Pass – For travelers who are 27 or younger
    • Senior Pass – For travelers over 60 years old

    Pro tip: Children aged 4 to 11 years old can travel for free with a full-fare adult, with a maximum of two children per Adult Pass.

  • After deciding on where you want to go, you choose the number of days you want to travel. Not the length of your trip but the actual days you are on a train.

    Example: If you’re going 1 hour from Berlin to Leipzig or going on a 12-hour train ride with multiple stops in one day, both counts as one travel day.

    Then you choose if you wish to travel for several days in a row or if you want to spread out your travel days. There’s a wide selection of combinations to choose from. The period of validity after activation ranges from 1 month to 2 months, to consecutive travel.

    Available combinations

    • 4 travel days within 1 month after activation
    • 5 travel days within 1 month after activation
    • 7 travel days within 1 month after activation
    • 10 travel days within 2 months after activation
    • 15 travel days within 2 months after activation
    • 15 travel days within 15 days after activation
    • 22 travel days within 22 days after activation
    • 30 travel days within 30 days after activation
    • 60 travel days within 60 days after activation
    • 90 travel days within 90 days after activation
  • The simple answer is: it depends on the extent of your trip.

    If you’re going on a one-way trip from Hamburg to Brussels, there’s no doubt that it’s both cheaper and easier to travel with a regular ticket, as a 2nd class Super Sparpreis ticket is booked with a few clicks and for as little as €36. If on the other hand, you’re making a round trip from Copenhagen to Rome with several stops on the way, it’s definitely more economically advantageous to travel with an Interrail pass.

    Good to know: If you are 27 years or under (Youth) or older than 60 (Senior), you get a discounted price on your Interrail Pass. Two children, up to 12 years old, travel for free with a full-fare adult.

    When you use the All Aboard Trip Planner, we calculate both options but the choice is always up to you.

    In addition to the price aspect, Interrail passes offer a completely different type of flexibility, as you decide yourself when you want to travel instead of having to deal with specific departure times. If you feel spontaneous and want to take a detour, you can easily use one of your extra travel days. Last but not least, it gives you access to a range of discounts and offers around Europe, like free ferry rides or cheap bike rentals.

    Available deals:

Interrail passes from All Aboard

  • We offer the same passes and match the prices you can find on the Interrail website. Of course, you can buy your pass directly from , but when you buy your pass from us, you get some additional benefits.

    We offer personal support for all customers who have bought a pass from us. This means that you can get in touch with us anytime when you have questions about how your tickets and passes work or need any help with your trip.

    With our planning tool, the All Aboard Trip Planner , you also get help to plan your European adventure from scratch. Browse and add destinations to a timeline, get real-time updated timetables and recommendations on what pass would best fit your journey.

  • Yes, you probably can. If you’ve bought the Interrail Pass from All Aboard and want your money back, we will make a 100% refund.

    The requirements for a refund are

    • Your pass was not bought during the Interrail 50th Anniversary Promo (30/60/90 days) sold in May 2022. These passes are not refundable.
    • The refund is done within 11 months of purchase.
    • You haven’t yet activated the pass in the Rail Planner App.

    How to get a refund

    To get a refund, please send an email to and make sure to include your booking reference.

Having trouble? Need help with a booking or have a question? ⏳⏳ ⏳ ⏳ .