All you need to know regarding tickets and your booking.

Ticket types

  • Wouldn’t it be great if there were only a few, standardized, alternatives when choosing class? We agree. However, the train operators themselves choose what they call their different class options, which means they tend to be called things like "Sparpreis", "Super Flex Premium" and sometimes just "Seat". This is not ideal and we are working actively to standardize how ticket options are listed in our service.

    Which option you choose to travel with is entirely up to you. The more expensive options usually mean better comfort. If you feel unsure about what applies to each class option, you can check it out on the train operators' websites, or in their terms and conditions.

  • Some routes and train operators require that you have a seat reservation with your ticket. If you don't see an option for adding seat reservation while booking, seat reservations are not possible. We always recommend adding a seat reservation if possible, to not risk having to travel standing up. That's not very cozy.

    Seat preference

    With most tickets comes an opportunity to choose where on the train you'd prefer to sit, where the two most common options are Window and Aisle. Unfortunately, we can't promise that you are able to get a seat according to preference, as it depends entirely on how many free seats there are left on the train. We hope to be able to present a more comprehensive way of choosing seats in the near future, with options such as quiet section and animals allowed.

  • A great thing with traveling by train is that there are no extra fees for bringing all you luggage. But a rule to have in mind is that the bags you bring on board should be able to be carried by one single person.

    Usually there are luggage racks above the seats and more storage in dedicated places on the train. The standard dimensions of the luggage racks are 70 x 50 cm.

    You can bring things like

    • Pushchairs and strollers
    • Folding bikes, scooters
    • Sports equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards)

    Can I bring my bike?

    There are some operators that allow you to bring your regular bike. Some trains do allow this off peak hours and you might need a separate reservation. Unfortunately we're not able to sell these at All Aboard, yet.

Your booking

  • After your purchase has been completed, you'll receive a booking confirmation email with a booking reference. It looks something like this: W1337OP1. When you need our help with something concerning your trip, either before or during, this will come in handy. The booking reference is our key to find information about your trip quickly and lets us help you in the best possible way.

    Can't find your booking reference? Contact us at and we'll help you find it.

  • Your and your fellow travellers' tickets are sent collected in an e-mail to the contact person entered in checkout. They're either delivered immediately upon purchase or in connection with your departure, but usually they'll arrive within 24 hours. This differs from operator to operator.

    Before departure, it's wise to print all tickets on paper and pack in the bag. This is so that there'll never be any problems (with for example the internet connection) when it's time to show the tickets.

    Haven't received an email with tickets?

    If you've received a booking confirmation email, everything should be in order. If your departure is coming up and you still haven’t received any tickets, please contact us at and we’ll help you.

  • Have you recently changed your email address or phone number and want to share any them with us, please contact us at and we'll help you.

    Does your name look strange on the ticket?

    That's normal. Some train operators print first and last names in a weird way. Sometimes the names are cut off and sometimes non-english characters have been replaced with letters from the English alphabet. There's nothing to worry about, as long as you entered the information as it appears on your passport or national ID card, your ticket will work just fine.

  • You can buy tickets for your fellow travellers at the same time as you're buying tickets for yourself. You do this by changing number of passengers while planning the trip. In the checkout step named "Passenger details", you're able to enter all information needed about the passengers who will join you on the trip.

    Make sure to enter these details as they appear in everyones passport or national ID card that they bring with them on the trip, if not the ticket may not be valid.

    There's no way to split payments in our service, yet. One person will have to pay for all passengers, which is done in the very last step of the checkout process.

  • When you book a trip with us, you're not only accepting our terms and conditions, but also the train operators' own terms and conditions. These are available on the train operators' websites and explain more specifically what rules apply for your trip and tickets. We have listed Europe's largest train operators and links to their terms and conditions below.

    Terms and conditions, in English:

    Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, ÖBB, SBB, Trenitalia, Thello, Italo, Renfe, Eurostar, Thalys, NS International, SNCB

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