How do I travel with an Interrail Pass?

Ever since Interrail first launched the travel passes in 1972, passengers have had to bring a paper booklet to manually write down all departures on their journeys in order to get them validated by a ticket inspector. But a lot has happened in recent years and nowadays, all this can be done digitally and super simple through Interrail's app, Rail Planner.

The new generation of Interrail passes are called Mobile Passes , and these are the ones sold on All Aboard. With the Interrail Global Pass, you can travel as much as you want with one single ticket through 33 different countries.

Activate your Interrail Pass

When it's time to travel, you will have to activate your Interrail Pass in the Rail Planner App (iOS, Android) to start planning your journey. This can be done up to 11 months after your purchase date. During your trip, the app is where you register your journey and from where you can show your ticket to the ticket inspectors.

Seat reservations

Seat reservations are usually not required for local and regional trains. However, it is needed for most high-speed, international, and night trains. But make sure to book seats if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, traveling with kids or if it's high season. Unsure if you need a seat reservation? Check your route here .

Reservations may be made at the train station, on the rail company website, or in the Rail Planner App.

Psst... Some say that traveling without a seat reservation is the beauty of Interrail. We'd say it's all up to you!

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