Trip Planner

The Trip Planner. The page with the yellow background. This is where you build your trip by adding, removing or changing order of destinations. Make your trip as comfortable and affordable as possible by browsing departures and prices.

How do I choose a class?

Default will always be the 2nd Class price. We've tried making the Trip Planner as simple as possible, and have therefore chosen to put the choice of class in the next after. For more information about classes, read: First and second class .

Is one of your trips super long?

If you feel that a trip is way too long, then there's a hack for you. Example: Hamburg to Milan takes 11h 16min. The train from Hamburg departs at 10:24 and arrives in Milan at 21:40. You click on the trip Hamburg to Milan to see that there's a transfer in Basel at 16:56, almost perfectly half way through the trip. To split the trip, simply remove Milan, add Basel after Hamburg and then add Milan again after Basel. This trick only works if Milan is your final destination. We're working on a better solution.

Why are you showing a link to buy a certain ticket somewhere else?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sell all train tickets in the world, even if we'd very much like to. With that in mind, we decided it'd be a nice service to show you where you can buy that particular ticket separately, instead of not showing anything at all. You're welcome :)

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