When is Interrail the better option?

At the All Aboard office, we are all avid explorers and dedicated to providing travel experiences that combine freedom, security, and that wonderful sense of discovery. We also know that calm and unhurried travel often is far more rewarding than a fast dash on a high-speed train. When did you last take time to just wander?

Through long collaborations with tour operators, travel experts, and fellow travelers, we’ve gained valuable insights into what makes a memorable journey. One learning is that the choice of tickets can have a significant impact on the overall journey. On all but the shortest trips in Europe, a rail pass (such as Interrail) is often the better option — enabling spontaneity and allowing travelers to hop on and off trains at will.

Coming back strong

Since the threats from the pandemic, Interrail has been a driving force in encouraging people to travel again. This is evidenced by their sales figures; in April 2022, they had already returned to pre-pandemic sales, and by November of the same year, around 600,000 Interrail passes had been sold in Europe that year, almost double the number sold in 2019. That’s 600,000 travelers setting out to explore Europe with all the freedom that comes with having an Interrail pass.

Unrivaled flexibility

Interrail passes offer a unique potential to craft bespoke journeys that cater to your customers' unique interests. Whether they seek to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of the Swiss Alps, meander through historic European cities, or discover hidden gems off the beaten path, Interrail passes provide the flexibility to support journeys that reflect their individual passions and dreams.

Covering 33 countries, Interrail passes allow your clients to navigate Europe at their own pace with a sense of freedom that empowers them to adapt their itineraries as they go.

In a world where uncertainties can arise, Interrail passes offer a valuable sense of security. Pass holders have more options when there are delays, as they can simply hop on the next train. Moreover, our Interrail and Eurail passes are fully refundable right up to the moment of activation, free of charge.

Who is Interrail for?

The Interrail pass was introduced 50 years ago as an opportunity for young people to explore Europe affordably. Over the years, many changes have been made. Interrail is now available to everyone residing in Europe and remains very affordable. Moreover, there are very generous discounts for youths and seniors. Additionally, two children under 12 can travel for free with an adult, making the price for Interrail hard to match when traveling with family.

For those who are not European residents, there is the option of getting a Eurail Pass. This pass has the same benefits as Interrail. For both schemes there is a choice of different types of passes, such as the Global Pass or the One Country Pass, depending on the travel horizons.

The bottom line is that passes are for everyone. Whatever your age, wherever you live, whether you prefer first or second class, whether you are having a long weekend away or planning a three-month adventure, All Aboard has a pass to suit your needs.

The more affordable option

Just as it was 50 years ago, Interrail is still a very affordable way to get the most out of Europe by train. Typically, longer journeys with multiple border crossings operated by different carriers will prove to be cheaper with Interrail or Eurail, even with optional seat reservations included.

Another advantage of Interrail is that the ticket can be purchased up to 11 months before departure. This means you can benefit from price certainty, knowing upfront what the tickets will cost long before regular tickets become available. Our friends and partners in the tour ops business love price certainty, and we have written extensively about why price certainty matters.

Beyond that, we offer tools that automatically recommend either point-to-point tickets or travel passes for a given itinerary, making the price comparison both easy and automated.

Seat reservations

While Interrail and Eurail passes offer flexibility, it is essential to consider seat reservations for certain trains.

You can manage reservations yourself via the official Interrail seat reservation service or directly with the carriers. Alternatively, outsourcing this task to experts has proven to be highly successful among our agents. By doing so, you can focus on providing exceptional customer service while ensuring your customers have reserved seats for a hassle-free trip.

Carl Törnqvist
Co-founder, All Aboard

With many thousands of satisfied travelers, we have gained a reputation for providing top-notch assistance and reliable products.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. That's why our Interrail passes are 100% refundable at no extra cost. We are committed to helping you create extraordinary travel experiences for your customers.

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