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  1. Map of route Full on France
    All Aboard

    Full on France

    A trip by All Aboard

    Experience all the highlights in France in one single trip!

  2. Map of route On the border
    All Aboard

    On the border

    A trip by All Aboard

    What is there to discover on the German border? A lot, we’d say! 🤩🇩🇪⁠ ⁠ Follow the border (ish) and discover these amazing places on your way! Sometimes you don’t have to travel far into another country to discover something new. Here are four impressive places for you to save until the next time you’re on the rails. ⁠

  3. Map of route Scandinavia by Rail
    All Aboard

    Scandinavia by Rail

    A trip by All Aboard

    Traveling from Hamburg to Malmö through Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen – this Scandinavia by Rail itinerary gives you a taste of three different countries within just a week.

  4. Map of route The Iron Curtain
    All Aboard

    The Iron Curtain

    A trip by All Aboard

    Starting in Berlin – with it's rich history and vibrant city vibes going to the more laid-back ruin bars of Budapest.

  5. Map of route Coast hopping in Italy
    All Aboard

    Coast hopping in Italy

    A trip by All Aboard

    Italy's got it all! Experience a handful of amazing Italian cities in one trip. Choose an Interrail Pass with 5 travel days for this trip.

  6. Map of route Big city life
    All Aboard

    Big city life

    A trip by All Aboard

    Discover four big capitals in one single trip. This itinerary manifest one of the main perks with train travel – to explore more places. It doesn't get easier to explore Europe than this.

  7. Map of route Surf's Up 🌊
    All Aboard

    Surf's Up 🌊

    A trip by All Aboard

    Explore more of Europe on your way to the French west coast this summer. Perfectly split up into shorter legs to make your journey as comfortable as possible and also suitable for your whole family. Choo choo!

  8. Map of route UK with a magic twist
    Fort William
    All Aboard

    UK with a magic twist

    A trip by All Aboard

    Take the train through the United Kingdom and visit well-known cities to later end with one of the most epic train rides you've seen on film - the Glenfinnan Viaduct from Harry Potter.

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