A step-by-step travel guide. Take the train from London to Oslo

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Traveling by train from London to Oslo is an unforgettable journey. You'll pass through Brussels , Cologne , Hamburg , Copenhagen and Gothenburg . It's a 3 days long train ride with beautiful scenery.

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Day 1

    London United Kingdom
    Brussels Belgium

    Spend 1 night in Brussels

    Day 2

      Brussels Belgium
      Cologne Germany

      Grab a quick bite and switch trains in Cologne.

        Cologne Germany
        Hamburg Germany

        Get some snacks and hop on the next train in Hamburg.

          Hamburg Germany
          Copenhagen Denmark

          Spend 1 night in Copenhagen

          Day 3

            Copenhagen Denmark
            Gothenburg Sweden

            Grab a quick bite and switch trains in Gothenburg.

              Gothenburg Sweden
              Oslo Norway

              Arrive at your final destination, Oslo .

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              Leaving from London United Kingdom
              Going to Oslo Norway

              Good to know when traveling from London to Oslo

              First and second class

              Wouldn’t it be great if there were only a few, standardized, alternatives when choosing class? We agree. However, the train operators themselves choose what they call their different class options, which means they tend to be called things like "Sparpreis", "Super Flex Premium" and sometimes just "Seat". This is not ideal and we are working actively to standardize how ticket options are listed on All Aboard.

              Which option you choose to travel with is entirely up to you. The more expensive options usually mean better comfort. If you feel unsure about what applies to each class option, you can check it out on the train operators' websites, or in their terms and conditions .

              Onboard catering & food

              Most of the trains in Europe have restaurant cars open to all passengers, regardless of the fare. What is offered depends on the operator but also during what time you travel. They usually serve hot food, drinks and snacks available for all customers.

              Onboard catering during covid-19

              Many train operators don't have onboard catering due to the current situation. And face masks are required on many trains so if possible – eat and drink before you hop on the train.

              Special luggage allowance

              A great thing with traveling by train is that there are no extra fees for bringing all you luggage. But a rule to have in mind is that the bags you bring on board should be able to be carried by one single person.

              Usually there are luggage racks above the seats and more storage in dedicated places on the train. The standard dimensions of the luggage racks are 70 x 50 cm.

              You can bring things like

              • Pushchairs and strollers
              • Folding bikes, scooters
              • Sports equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards)

              Can I bring my bike?

              There are some operators that allow you to bring your regular bike. Some trains do allow this off peak hours and you might need a separate reservation. Unfortunately we're not able to sell these at All Aboard, yet.