A step-by-step travel guide. Take the train from Malmö to Valencia

Trip duration
2 days
Travel time

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Traveling from Malmö to Valencia by train is a great experience. It’s a 2 days train journey with amazing scenery, passing through Hamburg, Paris and Barcelona on the way.

Day 1

Malmö Sweden
Hamburg Germany
Have a nice lunch and change trains in Hamburg.
Hamburg Germany
Paris France

Spend 1 night in Paris

There are plenty of great hotel options close to the Paris train station. Check out Hotels.com to get the cheapest prices.

Day 2

Paris France
Barcelona Spain
Get some snacks and hop on the next train in Barcelona.
Barcelona Spain
Valencia Spain

Arrive at your final destination, Valencia.

Check out Hotels.com to find affordable housing in the city centre of Valencia.

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Leaving from Malmö Sweden
Going to Valencia Spain

Good to know when traveling from Malmö to Valencia

Is there wifi on the train?

There are few things as nice as watching a movie, listening to a good podcast or getting some work done on the train, and fortunately most long distance trains in Europe today offer free wifi onboard. Eurostar, Renfe, SNCF and Deutsche Bahn let you get access to wifi on the majority of their trains. If it's super important to you, the best way to really know if wifi is available is to google the name of the train (that can be found on your ticket) and you'll find out.

For EU residents

Should the wifi connection let you down, as an EU resident, you still have the luxury to take advantage of free roaming in all EU countries, just remember to turn on roaming in your phone's settings. If you are an EU resident traveling through a non-EU country such as Switzerland, the UK, or Norway, it could be a good idea to bring a 4G dongle in your bag, and switch off roaming to avoid hefty bills.

First and second class

Wouldn’t it be great if there were only a few, standardized, alternatives when choosing class? We agree. However, the train operators themselves choose what they call their different class options, which means they tend to be called things like "Sparpreis", "Super Flex Premium" and sometimes just "Seat". This is not ideal and we are working actively to standardize how ticket options are listed in our service.

Which option you choose to travel with is entirely up to you. The more expensive options usually mean better comfort. If you feel unsure about what applies to each class option, you can check it out on the train operators' websites, or in their terms and conditions.

Train stations in Europe

We know that finding your way at a train station you've never visited before can be tricky. In the list below you find station maps of some of the bigger train stations in Europe.

France: Gare de Lyon, Gare du Nord

Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich.

Italy: Rome, Milan