A step-by-step travel guide. Take the night train from Stockholm to Alicante

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Go by night train from Stockholm to Alicante and arrive rested after a good night's sleep. It’s a 3 days train journey, taking you quickly to your destination, passing through Hamburg , Karlsruhe , Paris and Barcelona .

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Day 1

    Stockholm Sweden
    Hamburg Germany

    Day 2

      Hamburg Germany
      Karlsruhe Germany
        Karlsruhe Germany
        Paris France

        Spend 1 night in Paris

        Day 3

          Paris France
          Barcelona Spain
            Barcelona Spain
            Alicante Spain

            Day 4


            Arrive at your final destination, Alicante .

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            Leaving from Stockholm Sweden
            Going to Alicante Spain

            Good to know when traveling from Stockholm to Alicante

            Do I have to book seat reservations?

            Regular train tickets

            Some trains require that you have a seat reservation. Seat reservations are included when mandatory with all regular tickets purchases made on All Aboard. If you wish to reserve seats when they are not included you can do so either at the train station or on the operator website.

            Seat reservation for Interrail

            Seat reservations are usually  not required  for local and regional trains. However, it is needed for most high-speed, international, and night trains. But make sure to book seats if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, traveling with kids or if it's high season. Unsure if you need a seat reservation?  Check your route here .

            Reservations for travelers with Interrail pass can be purchased at the train station, on the rail operator website, and on Interrail.eu .

            Some rail operators will ask for your "pass cover number". This is a code which used to come with the old paper passes. You can generate such a code using your Interrail mobile pass here .

            When do I receive my tickets?

            Your and your fellow travellers' tickets are sent collected in an e-mail to the contact person entered in checkout. They're either delivered immediately upon purchase or in connection with your departure, but usually within 24 hours. This depends on the operator.

            Before departure, it's wise to print out your tickets. This is so that there'll never be any problems (with for example internet connection or a phone without batteries) when it's time to show the tickets. But if you don't worry about that – all tickets received from All Aboard contain a QR code which you can show on the train.

            Haven't received an email with tickets?

            If you've received a booking confirmation email, everything should be in order.

            If it's less than 48h before your departure and you still haven’t received any tickets, please contact us at hi@allaboard.eu and we’ll help you.

            First and second class

            Wouldn’t it be great if there were only a few, standardized, alternatives when choosing class? We agree. However, the train operators themselves choose what they call their different class options, which means they tend to be called things like "Sparpreis", "Super Flex Premium" and sometimes just "Seat". This is not ideal and we are working actively to standardize how ticket options are listed on All Aboard.

            Which option you choose to travel with is entirely up to you. The more expensive options usually mean better comfort. If you feel unsure about what applies to each class option, you can check it out on the train operators' websites, or in their terms and conditions .