A step-by-step travel guide. Take the train from Warsaw to Venice

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The trip from Warsaw to Venice by train is fantastic. The journey takes 3 days , through beautiful landscapes, passing Vienna on the way.

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Day 1

    Warsaw Poland
    Vienna Austria

    Day 3

    Day 3

      Vienna Austria
      Venice Italy

      Day 4


      Arrive at your final destination, Venice .

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      Leaving from Warsaw Poland
      Going to Venice Italy

      Good to know when traveling from Warsaw to Venice

      What happens if I miss my connecting train?

      Missed trains connections can happen, but no need to panic. If we plan our trips well, a potential delay is not that big of a problem. Here are a few things to think about:

      Before you travel

      • Plan trips that can handle a bit of delay. If you're switching trains, perhaps to jump on a night train, you should always have extra time so that you don't miss your connection if you're running late.
      • Consider getting additional travel insurance. If a train is canceled or you miss a connection, you might need to get new tickets if you're unlucky. Travel insurances can cover this extra cost.

      If you've missed your train

      International rail travel is protected by the CIV rules - which means you're usually allowed to travel on the next available train free of charge.

      • Always save your tickets. You might need them later.
      • Ask the ticket inspector to validate your tickets as evidence of the delay.
      • When arriving at the next station, ask the station staff what to do next.
      • If you need to buy new tickets, save all receipts so that you can later show them to your travel insurer when making a claim.

      Onboard catering & food

      Most of the trains in Europe have restaurant cars open to all passengers, regardless of the fare. What is offered depends on the operator but also during what time you travel. They usually serve hot food, drinks and snacks available for all customers.

      Onboard catering during covid-19

      Many train operators don't have onboard catering due to the current situation. And face masks are required on many trains so if possible – eat and drink before you hop on the train.

      When do I receive my tickets?

      Your and your fellow travellers' tickets are sent collected in an e-mail to the contact person entered in checkout. They're either delivered immediately upon purchase or in connection with your departure, but usually within 24 hours. This depends on the operator.

      Before departure, it's wise to print out your tickets. This is so that there'll never be any problems (with for example internet connection or a phone without batteries) when it's time to show the tickets. But if you don't worry about that – all tickets received from All Aboard contain a QR code which you can show on the train.

      Haven't received an email with tickets?

      If you've received a booking confirmation email, everything should be in order.

      If it's less than 48h before your departure and you still haven’t received any tickets, please contact us at support@allaboard.eu and we’ll help you.


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